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Tyler Schaffer
Dec 10, 2021
In General Discussion
Specs: Mizuno JPX 921 Forged - 4 iron - Gap Wedge - 2 degrees upright - 1"+ long shafts - KBS Tour S Taper 130g Stiff shafts First Impressions: Having grown up playing Mizuno irons, these 921's have the same Mizuno feel off the center of the club face as Mizunos have always been known for. They are, in my opinion, the softest feeling irons in the industry. The irons will let me know if I miss toe or heel side thanks to the smaller cavity back and slimmer top line. They are slightly more unforgiving than the Hot Metal irons, because of the slimmer face and smaller sweet spot. These irons are very easy to spin and allow for a variety of different shot shapes. Drawbacks: These irons are very explosive off the face. They are more of a cavity back than they are a blade, which means they are very distance heavy irons. Some shots have surprised me because these irons are adding 5 to 10 yards of extra distance. Despite the slightly higher loft than most cavity backs, these irons have a lot of "pop" and are easy to fly greens with. Advanced players might not benefit from the length and might not spin these irons as much as true blades. Pros: This is the perfect mid to low handicapper iron. It has the forgiveness of a cavity back with the feel of a muscle back/blade. Shot shaping can come easy with this iron and the head will give you feedback on your miss hits. Not to the extent of a blade, but nonetheless, this iron will let you know if your ball striking is poor. Slight draws seem to be common for me, which is completely new in my game and beyond welcomed. Iron Head Lofts: 4 Iron 21° 5 Iron 24° 6 Iron 27° 7 Iron 31° 8 Iron 35° 9 Iron 40° Pitching Wedge 45° Gap Wedge 50° STOCK SHAFT - NIPPON MODUS STEEL
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Tyler Schaffer

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